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June 19 2015

Heart beat fleeting, I grab my ribs and break them to bits,
snapping bones and ripping flesh to reach heart's malady.
Grasping my heart I wrench it from it's lonely pit,
no shock or breathe nor beating fist, will revive its pump.
Futile, the heart is tossed into the mud and shit.

Cute, carefree, and clever girl's course, coincides with the callously crippled heart. She swiftly swoops up the spurned heart, softly stitching every slit and slice she surveys on its skin. Advancing down alleys and avenues she anxiously attempting to acquire the hearts attendant. Her heroic and hasty hike through highways has come to a head, he hardly has the health to hang on. Revealing the repaired heart she returns it readily to him reciting and reveling in the record of her resolution. Desperately he deals with his disbelief, his damaged heart beats deafeningly. His love latent but loudening for her, looking at light lofting lazily through her lovely eyes, lustfully their lips meet...

June 13 2015

Beyond my haze filled room,
the world turns violently,
fearful of atomic boom,
in a daze I hide silently.

May 27 2015

A hunger for vengeance; forceful and inflating,
I find myself with sympathy degrading,
I swallow hatred and desires to watch you hurt,
On my knee begging these thoughts to divert.
So, in silence I rage against my infinite waiting,
You, my world of hell devoid of those elating.
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April 28 2015

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April 10 2015

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March 11 2015


March 05 2015

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Cane (Suicide Girl)
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February 28 2015

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February 13 2015


I beg you Soup, I need to sleep :/ 2223_ac45

January 29 2015

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January 21 2015

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January 20 2015

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January 18 2015


January 15 2015

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January 13 2015

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